SEASON: 2018 - 2019

Old Herbaceous_Foxfire Cast Photo.jpg

Old Herbaceous / Foxfire

“Old Herbaceous” by Alfred Shaughnessy, novel by Reginald Arkell / “Foxfire” script/lyrics by Hume Cronyn and Susan Cooper, music by Jonathan Holtzman

Directed by Kurt Schulz / Directed by David Metcalf

“Foxfire” 2019 AACTFest (advanced to Regions)

Pictured Left to Right: (Front) Tom Johnson, Linda Metcalf, Ron Hungerford, Kurt Schulz (Back) Becky Hungerford, Tom Nelson, Elisabeth Nelson, Kirk Asplin, David Metcalf

Visit from St Nicholas_cast photo.jpg

A Visit from St. Nicholas

by Lowell Swortzell

Directed by Tom Nelson

December 2018

Pictured from Left to Right: (Front) Tom Nelson, Becky Hungerford, William Wendroth, Anna Mendiola, Emmy Halstead, Britt Erin (Middle) Ron Hungerford, Rhea Langemo, Sam Langemo, Evelyn Mielke, Amara Hastings (Back) Jesse Bunker, Tom Langemo, Terry Moore

Finishing School Cast Photo.jpg

Finishing School

by Elaine Liner

Directed by Linda Metcalf

October 2018

Pictured from Left to Right: (Front) Katrina Vaara, Lisa Kotila, Jon Benson, Ron Hungerford (Back) Butch Amundsen, Elisabeth Nelson, Tom Nelson, Terry Moore, Linda Metcalf

SEASON: 2017-2018 (Inaugural "Official" season)

Midsummer Nights Dream Cast_2018.jpg

A Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare

Directed by David Metcalf

June 2018

Pictured from Left to Right: (Front) Terry Moore, David Metcalf (Middle) Ron Hungerford, Isaac Olson, Naomi Coyle, Harry Lantto, Jaclyn Rose-Thorston, Noah Coyle, Kacie Carlstad (Back) Tom Johnson, John Dufresne, Sara Cronk, Nate Metcalf, Tom Nelson, Nate Byrne, Lisa Kotila, Amanda Byrne, Heather Halstead, Neal Hungerford, Caroline Cronk, Alex Bunker, Robert Bunker, Hannah Bunker, Elisabeth Nelson, Becky Hungerford (Not Pictured) Jeremy Harris



by Hume Cronyn and Susan Cooper, Music by Jonathan Holtzman, Lyrics by Susan Cooper and Hume Cronyn

Directed by David Metcalf

March 2018

Pictured from Left to Right: (Front) Becky Hungerford, Tom Nelson, Neal Hungerford, Haley Jacobsen, Brad Robinson, Lisa Kotila (Back) Tom Johnson, David Metcalf, Linda Metcalf, Kirk Asplin, Ron Hungerford, Andy Rosenquist, Mark Keith, Name, Ron Holm

Wonderful Life Cast Pic_Final.jpg

It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

by Joe Landry

Directed by Tom Nelson

December 2017

Pictured from Left to Right: (Front) Bergen Nelson, , Peter Dinius, Ron Hungerford, Terry Moore (Back) , Jesse Bunker, Tom Nelson, , Rhea Langemo, Name, Becky Hungerford, Erikka Langemo, Ethan Langemo


Two by Two

Book by Peter Stone, Music by Richard Rogers, Lyrics by Martin Charnin (based on “The Flowering Peach” by Clifford Odets)

Directed by David Metcalf

October 2017

Pictured from Left to Right: (Front) Neal Hungerford, Jon Benson, Ron Hungerford, Linda Metcalf (Middle) Kari Wendroth, William Cronk, Heather Halstead, Carolyn Holje (Back) Butch Amundsen, Name, David Metcalf, Becky Hungerford, Bergen Nelson, Tom Nelson, Lisa Kotila, , Deborah Moen

Before we became official...

Voice of the Prairie

by John Olive

Directed by David Metcalf

2017 AACTFest (advanced to Nationals)

Pictured from Left to Right: (Front) Peter Dinius, David Metcalf, Ellen Mielke (Middle) Scott Hanson, Tom Langemo, Jaclyn Rose-Thorson, Tim Gossweiler, Kurt Schulz, Ron Hungerford, Shara Marquez (Back) John Ryan, Butch Amundsen, Neal Hungerford, Deborah Moen, Chris Halstead, Tom Nelson, Jon Benson, Rhea Langemo, Linda Metcalf, Jim Veith, Elisabeth Nelson, Mike Ackerman


Plain Hearts

by Lance Belville, music/lyrics by Eric Peltoniemi

Directed by Jon Benson


romancers_cast photo

The Romancers

by Edmond Rostand

Directed by David Metcalf

2015 AACTFest (advanced to Nationals)

Pictured from Left to Right: (Front) David Metcalf, Amanda Byrne, Nate Byrne, Tom Nelson, James Moen, Neal Hungerford, Lisa Kotila, Elisabeth Nelson (Back) Lisa Nordberg, Sam Rydberg, Becky Hungerford, Jon Benson, Shara Marquez, William Frickstad, Jade Garland, Deborah Moen, Tom Langemo, Ron Hungerford, Jason Nordberg, , Mike Ackerman

foreigner_cast photo

The Foreigner

by Larry Shue

Directed by David Metcalf


Pictured from Right to Left: (Front) William Frickstad, Linda Metcalf, Tom Nelson, Neal Hungerford, Ron Hungerford, David Metcalf (Middle) Deborah Moen, , Tom Langemo, Jeff Carpenter, Becky Hungerford, Elisabeth Nelson, Allan Sorenson, Isaac Olson (Back) Jim Veith, Butch Amundsen, Dan Kyllonen, Jami Berg, Rhea Langemo, Jesse Bunker

diviners_cast photo

The Diviners

by Jim Leonard, Jr.

Directed by David Metcalf

2013 AACTFest (advanced to Regions)

Pictured from Left to Right: (Front) David Metcalf, Becky Hungerford, Ron Hungerford, Alison Damery, Lisa Kotila, Ruby Bauman (Back) Neal Hungerford, Tom Nelson, Sam Rydberg, Tom Langemo, Isaac Olson, Shara Marquez, Scott Hanson, Butch Amundsen, John Ryan, Deborah Moen

Arsenic and Old Lace

by Joseph Kesselring

Directed by David Metcalf


Pictured from Left to Right: (Front) Name, Name, Tom Nelson, Linda Metcalf, Carolyn Holje, Name, Shara Marquez, Sam Rydberg (Back) Becky Hungerford, Butch Amundsen, Neal Hungerford, Name, David Metcalf, Dan Swanson, Tom Johnson, Tim Gossweiler, Jim Veith, Ron Hungerford, Allan Sorenson, Deborah Moen

Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music/Toys for Men

by Lee Blessing

Directed by David Metcalf

2011 AACTFest (advanced to Regions)

Pictured from Left to Right: Name, Tom Nelson, Name, Name, Becky Hungerford, Name, Sam Rydberg

2009, "More Fun Than Bowling" by Steven Dietz, Directed by David Metcalf

2008, "The Ice Fishing Play" by Kevin Kling, Directed by David Metcalf